Which 2013 Golden Globes Celebs Are Water Supporters? Here is a List of 5 Which May Surprise.

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Now that the Golden Globes are over and we’ve come down from the fashion fix, the snark, and the surprises… it’s time to look into detail about which nominees/winners support water charities! Some may surprise you, some may not but here is a list of five celebrities whose charitable support goes to clean water and environmental protection.


Steve Buscemi5. Steve Buscemi: Arguably one of the coolest actors around, Buscemi is a supporter of arts foundations which aid women’s rights. He also supports the charity Action Against Hunger. This organization, in addition to providing self-sustainable solutions to communities at-risk for chronic food shortage, helps to provide clean water and sanitation.

Julianne Moore4. Julianne Moore: She won her first Golden Globe for “Game Change”, and she is the only winner from last night in this list. Moore supports many non-profits which provide services to at-risk women and children. She also supports Keep America Beautiful, a charity focused with providing clean water access and environmental protection for the US.

Glenn Close3. Glenn Close: Notable for her long and varied career, also notable for the fact that she is one of the most nominated actresses for an Oscar without actually having won. She has made huge contributions to fund cancer research but also is a supporter of Oceana and Waterkeeper Alliance. Oceana and Waterkeeper Alliance are two similar charities which employ marine scientists, economists, and lawyers for conservation and policy change in the reduction of pollution to natural bodies of water and the eco-systems they support.

Sigourney Weaver2. Sigourney Weaver: Well known for being a badass and sci-fi icon, it is not surprising that one interested in futuristic themes is also a big supporter of environmental conservation campaigns. She supports a variety of organizations which directly benefit endangered animal populations and chief among them is Audubon Society, focused on birds but also conservation of natural habitats in general and science education.

Leonardo Di Caprio1. Leonardo DiCaprio: You may not know it, but Leonardo DiCaprio supports a great many charities and foundations whose goals are environmental conservation and climate change awareness. Impressively supporting nearly 20 organizations, many are explicitly focused on environmental and water issues: The NRDC, Stop Global Warming, Wildaid, Reef Check Foundation and Global Green, which in addition to building environmentally safe structures for people in need, also works to bring clean water and sanitation to at risk communities.

Source: Looktothestars.org