Washington DC Area Grocery Chain Eliminates Bottled Water

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MOM’s Organic Market’s, a organic and natural foods retailer in the Washington DC area has discontinued the sale of bottled water from it’s 6 regional retail locations.

In a move that may be the first of it’s kind for a retailer this large, the management clearly understands the problems of bottled water.

“There are now 5 swirling masses of plastic in our oceans, each roughly the size of Texas.  Plastic never goes away and the problem will only get worse- and the sooner we take action, the better! Not only does plastic damage our environment, but it increases our dependence on oil.” said Scott Nash, the Founder and CEO of the grocery chain in a press release.

As part of the store’s battle the bottle initiative, they will be adding water filtration refill stations to all their locations so customers can refill their own reusable bottles.

They will also eliminate most plastic bags in their produce department by replacing plastic wraps with biodegradable clam shells for items such as potatoes, onions, oranges and salad mix. Pre-packaged bulk foods will be replaced with either bio-plastic containers or cellophane.

Basically MOM’s is showing us that with a little initiative, food retail can be truly waste free. It all starts with that bottled water, and anything is possible.