Using Plastic Bottles to Build Schools: Hug It Forward

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Plastic bottles are everywhere we don’t want them. The roadside, the rivers, oceans, landfills. Littered areas reduce the quality of life for people all over the world. They’re a nuisance and there are as many solutions to plastic waste as there are brands which produce them. Hug It Forward is a nonprofit which reduces waste and creates eco-conscious structures all in one fell swoop.

Hug It Forward employs the upcycle idea in a novel way. Many Latin American communities don’t have access to recycling plants and/or may never see aid. The idea is to create an “eco-brick” out of plastic bottles, fill them with trash and use them in the construction of schools. The walls are reinforced with concrete and metal beams. There is no technological prowess or complicated infrastructure required. It’s a really adaptable solution to help places which are in otherwise dire need of waste clean up.

In the three years since their inception, they’ve helped build 21 schools.
Check them out if you’re are interested in donating money or volunteering time!

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