User FAQ

If you would like to use the TapIt water bottle refilling network, here are some things you might like to know.

Reusable Bottle
TapIt partners do not provide you with a water glass or bottle to take away water. You bring your own reusable water bottle and our partner will fill it for you.

Dining or Purchasing from a TapIt Partner Not Required
You do not have to buy anything or dine with a TapIt partner to have your bottle filled. TapIt partners will gladly fill your bottle with tap water for free, regardless of purchase.

Although most TapIt partners display our sticker, they are not required to and not all do. Don’t worry if the partner you’ve found doesn’t display a TapIt sticker – just ask for your refill as you normally would.

No User Fees
You don’t have to pay to join the TapIt network and there are no membership obligations. The benefits of the TapIt water bottle refilling network are open to everyone and FREE!

TapIt users are expected to be courteous to TapIt partners and their staff, and to use the service as intended—one person filling one single-size bottle at a time.

TapIt Partners
All TapIt partners are food service organizations. City and state health departments audit restaurants and cafes on a regular basis to ensure hygiene standards are met. And, food service industry workers are trained to serve food and beverages in a sanitary manner. Because of this, you can have complete confidence in the cleanliness of the TapIt network.

Refilling Your Bottle
TapIt does not place special water dispensers in partner cafes. When entering a café, ask the staff how to get your refill. They may take the bottle from you and fill it from the tap. They might direct you to a water pitcher on a condiment stand, or they might direct you to a soda machine with a water dispenser. Each partner is different so just ask the staff.

TapIt partners make tap water available during their normal business hours.

You do not have to purchase anything or dine at a TapIt partner to have your bottle filled. However, if you would like to leave some money in a partner’s tip jar, we’re sure their staff will appreciate it. TapIt receives no monies from TapIt partners.

Water Quality
The United States has some of the cleanest tap water in the world, so it’s safe to drink right from the tap. Although some of our partners provide filtered water, most provide great tasting U.S. tap water.

Water Temperature
Some TapIt partners provide chilled water. If you prefer your water chilled, find a partner that serves it on our ‘find water’ page. Look in the bubble on the map to find one along your route.

Many people prefer filtered water because they believe it’s healthier or they prefer its taste or odor. Some TapIt partners provide filtered tap water because they have a filtration system or soda machine that dispenses filtered water. If you prefer filtered water, you can find partners who provide it by searching for them on our ‘find water’ page. Look in the bubble on the map!