The Classic Water Fountain Gets An Upgrade

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We are always in support of public water bottle refill stations. That is why it is great to see the launch of the Brita Hydration Station, a super fancy water fountain for schools, corporate campuses, malls and events.

The refill station, which launched at the U.S Green Building Council U.S. GreenBuild in Chicago, is manufactured by the Haws Corporation who has been manufacturing water fountains for many, many years. If you think of the classic water fountain at your school when growing up, good chance it was made by Haws.
The Brita Hydration Station is the modern iteration of the classic water fountain concept. They are designed for refilling your bottle without having to even press a button (there is a sensor that activates the water when you place your bottle under the machine) and are built with a substantial filtration system.
One of the most exciting things about water refill stations like this, is their potential for events. Events in general, are typically awful at keeping things eco-friendly. If you go to a concert, there are typically empty plastic water bottles scattered all over the ground.
This summer, before the official launch, the Brita Hydration Stations, with a partnership with Filter For Good, ended up on tour with Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson (both outspoken advocates for the environment) as well as the Black Eyed Peas. Concert goers were able to get free reusable bottles and refill them throughout the shows
I hope to see more of these refills stations at events and public areas in the future.
Brita Hydration Station in Action At Portland State University: