TapIt Fact Sheet

What is TapIt?

TapIt is a network of café’s and eateries that let you fill your reusable bottle with great tasting tap water. You can find their locations by using TapIt’s website, mobile website (same url on a Smartphone) or iPhone application – called TapIt Water. If you have limited access to technology, you can download and print one of our city maps or simply look for our sticker on the windows of your favorite cafes.

Why was TapIt created?

TapIt was created to give on-the-go urbanites a real alternative to bottled drinks. You may already know how bulk water extraction and bottling can affect our communities. Overflowing landfills, expensive recycling programs, and looming water shortages are just some of the hidden costs of bottled water and sugary beverages.

Environmentalists and public health advocates have spread the word, and many people would now prefer to drink tap water. The practical problem is that water can be hard to find when away from home, office or hotel. TapIt gives you clean drinking water without bulk water extraction and without asking you to buy plastic bottles which are carbon-costly and hard to recycle. Problem solved.

What is TapIt’s goal?

TapIt’s primary goal is to build a comprehensive network of cafes and eateries across the U.S. so that all of our neighbors and visitors can fill their reusable bottle whenever they want.
TapIt wants to help decrease waste by reducing reliance on bottled drinks and clean up communities by keeping plastic bottles out of landfills and streets.
Our blog aims to start a discussion about water and sustainability issues and create a community of citizens who are making conscious decisions for a sustainable future.

When was TapIt founded?

TapIt was founded in 2008 in New York City.

How can I learn more?

Visit TapIt’s website and blog. For more information, email. For press enquires email