Tap Into the EcoHouse: New York City’s Traveling Sustainability Exhibit

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Do you know how much money you can save annually by reducing wasted energy? Or how to do it? Do you know how to reduce the amount of water wasted each day in your home or office? Want to green your home or apartment, but don’t know where to start? Never fear (drum roll please…) the EcoHouse is here!

The Community Environmental EcoHouse is a free, mobile, sustainability exhibit in New York City. Moving about the City throughout the year, the EcoHouse educates visitors of all ages about the importance of energy efficiency, water conservation, and living sustainably. Expert tour guides lead guests around the EcoHouse, answering questions about living green in NYC. The EcoHouse is the perfect place to bring classes, co-workers, and fellow water conservers from all walks of life.

Beginning this February, the EcoHouse will be at the Dutch Kills playground on 37th Avenue in Long Island City, with scheduled tours throughout the day and public walk-in tours from 3-5 PM weekdays. Don’t live in Queens? Don’t worry! The EcoHouse is coming to a neighborhood near you. To see the EcoHouse’s current location and to learn more about what’s inside the unique and exciting exhibit, visit us online or like us on Facebook.