Moore On Plastic In The Oceans

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I must admit, I often find myself randomly thinking about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Sometimes I am about to get a plastic bag for groceries or buy an orange juice in a plastic bottle, and an image of that massive gyre of waste comes to mind.

Sometimes I think about informing strangers about the problem. For instance, when a cashier insists I take a bag with my purchase, I want to say, “thought you might want to know, there is a clump of plastic twice the size of Texas in the Pacific”. But that might come off as just a little self-righteous. So I just refuse the bag.

Anyways, the original spokesman speaking out against the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Captain Charles Moore did a great TED talk in February that I just found today. He presents some of the facts about how plastic gets into the ocean and the problems it causes, along with some great imagery. He happens to be kind of funny too. Watch the video below:

photo credit: Algalita Marine Research Foundation