Global Tap Launches The Water Fountain 2.0

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Global Tap, who had its global launch with TapIt in San Francisco last week, is offering a new kind of water fountain specifically for refilling your reusable water bottle.

Designed by IDEO, the legendary design firm behind Microsoft’s second mouse and the Palm V PDA, this refill station is very sleek.  The Global Tap plan is to make this water refill fountain the symbol of water in public spaces.

The Global Tap fountain is pretty fun to use. You just place your water bottle on the platform, press the button on the base and a thin stream of water flows down filling your bottle. It is a lot easier than holding your bottle at an odd angle at a regular water fountain.

It would be really nice to have these fountains in parks, where it is often difficult to find a water fountain, let alone use one that is designed for your water bottle.

Ultimately, water fountains need the water bottle refill ability if they are going to compete with bottled water usage. This type of design is a good development for the tap water movement.