Founder Biography

Take a native of New Zealand.  Add the heart of an activist.  Throw in the spirit of an entrepreneur.  Now relocate her to the United States.  What do you have?  Kylie Harper founder of TapIt Water.

After moving to the United States, Harper began to focus on the bottled water industry and its impact on the environment and local communities. She thought of a practical solution to the problems created by the bottled water industry; rather than try to halt bulk water extraction, she wanted to try and curb the demand for bottled water. She started TapIt Water, a network of cafes and restaurants in order to provide clean drinking water to any member of the public toting a refillable bottle. With an interactive website and an iPhone application, she has created a virtual network of ‘filling stations’ across New York City.

‘Five years from now I would like to see that people were using this as a practical alternative to bottled water’ says Harper, ‘it’s a contribution to help reduce their carbon footprint, clean up their community and it’s a way to save money; it’s a win-win-win.’

Kylie holds a Master’s degree in occupational psychology and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Massey University of New Zealand. She lives with her husband and dog in New York City.