DIY Upcycling: Making A Pocket Purse From PET Bottles

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We recently got in contact with industrial designer Zitta Schnitt from Vienna, Austria about her concept to turn PET plastic bottles into handy purses. Her concept uses the bottoms of any normal plastic beverage bottle into carrying cases using nylon thread and a zipper.

Instead of making these purses for sale, Zitta has made her concept an “Open Source Design” project. This means she has opened the concept to everyone to manufacture and has provided instructions for you to produce them on your own.

While I have not made one myself, I am going to try. I am up for the challenge. They seem like a great gift for the right person and it is always more rewarding to make something yourself instead of buying.

You too can make a PET purse by downloading the instructions in a PDF here. Go to the bottom of the page and click on “Construction Tutorial” on the bottom left of the page.

You all know where to find plastic bottles. They are everywhere. Check out Zitta’s design portfolio here.