Dave Matthews Tour To Reduce Bottled Water Use With Water Refill Stations

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Dave Matthews Band is teaming up with Filter for Good to attempt to rid their 2010 Summer Tour of bottled water. This is a huge challenge, as large concerts tend to be notorious trash producers.

Venues along the tour will be equipped with ‘Hydration Hubs’ where concert goers can get free reusable water bottles and fill up with filtered water. Visitors to the Hubs will get a chance to take the FilterForGood pledge and learn about other things they can do to reduce their environmental impact.

Concert goers will have the chance to recycle, ‘offset’ their carbon footprint from traveling to the event and learn about local environmental groups.

The band itself will be driving in biodiesel fueled buses offsetting any other carbon emissions associated with putting on the concerts.

“In our 20 years of tour greening, this will likely be the greenest tour of its size in history,” said Michael Martin, CEO of EFFECT Partners who has been organizing the tour’s sustainability plan.

Dave Matthews himself describes what the tour is trying to accomplish with it’s green efforts (see video below).

Photo credit: stephenyeargin under Creative Commons license