Coca Cola Sued For Water Contamination, Provides Free Dasani

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Residents of Paw Paw, Michigan are suing Coca-Cola for contaminating their ground water with heavy metals. The suit alleges that wastewater discharged from a local Minute Maid juice plant run by Coca-Cola has allowed heavy metals to seep into the water table.

Residents are suing for damages related to reduced property value and the cost of cleaning up the contamination. Some plaintiffs in the suit allege health issues, including gastrointestinal, kidney and central nervous system disorders from drinking local water.

Coca-Cola agrees with the the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment that the groundwater does indeed contain heavy metals and has taken steps to remedy the problem.

As part of the plan, which has included building a water treatment plant, Coca-Cola has quite ironically been providing as much as 20 residents with free bottled water for over a year, as a precaution.

So Coca-Cola basically ruins Paw Paw’s water and then offers them Dasani? This is an accidental yet telling illustration of the problems of bottled water.

photo credit: quaziefoto from flickr creative commons