Bottled Water In The News (But Not On The Store Shelves)

Ban on water bottles

Recently, we mentioned the bottled water ban at University of Vermont’s campus. It officially went into effect as of Jan 1st.  Since it was enacted the university has received much praise, even from Coca Cola. Coke’s representative, David Larose, made a statement in yesterday’s Boston Globe that they value the sentiment but are ultimately “disappointed” with the decision. Not surprising … Read more

A (Transparent) Birdhouse For Your Soul

A bird house out of plastic

Plastic is called precisely that because of its malleability – most importantly, it doesn’t have to end up as waste! Portuguese art collective, Colectivo da Rainha created a variety of re-used plastic products for project reMix – a call to social innovation. They created the birdhouse just by heating and remolding the plastic. It’s an … Read more

Which 2013 Golden Globes Celebs Are Water Supporters? Here is a List of 5 Which May Surprise.

Celebrity Water

Now that the Golden Globes are over and we’ve come down from the fashion fix, the snark, and the surprises… it’s time to look into detail about which nominees/winners support water charities! Some may surprise you, some may not but here is a list of five celebrities whose charitable support goes to clean water and … Read more

TapIt Partners With REI


We are excited to announce that REI has partnered with TapIt Water to help foster environmentally conscious living!  REI is a national outdoor retail co-op dedicated to inspiring, educating and outfitting its members and the community for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship. They also offer multi-level classes for a wide range of fun … Read more