Curved vs. Straight Shower Rod: How to Choose

If you’ve stayed in a nice hotel recently, you probably noticed that the shower seemed to have plenty of room. It may not have been that the shower space was actually larger though. Instead, it was likely the extra space provided by a curved shower rod. Despite giving you up to one-third more shower space, … Read more

2.0 GPM vs 2.5 GPM Shower Head – Which One is Better?

massage shower head

Does your shower feel more like standing under a slow dripping leak than the high-pressure experience you wish for? The problem may be the flow rate of your shower head. When shower water pressure isn’t up to par, it can make showering a less than enjoyable experience. If you’ve ever struggled to rinse the soap … Read more

Bath vs. Shower: Which Has the Highest Water Usage?


Many people love to relax by drawing a hot bath to soak away the stress of the day. Conversely, some people prefer the massaging jets of the shower head. Whether you just need to clean yourself off or you’re looking for a quiet moment of respite from the world, shower and bath time is a … Read more

Bottled Water Facts and Statistics

bottled water

Note: This article’s statistics come from third-party sources and do not represent the opinions of this website.  Though most of us in America have never had to worry about clean water outside the occasional boil advisory, bottled water is an extremely popular beverage. Many people don’t like the taste of their tap water, and in … Read more

Boiler vs Water Heater: What Are the Differences?

When you turn on the hot water in your home and proceed to use it for dishes, showering, laundry, or anything else, do you ever give any thought to where the heat comes from? Until there’s a problem, most of us don’t even consider it. You’ve surely heard the terms boiler and water heater. Likely, … Read more