What is CGIAR: Challenge Program on Water and Food

Drinking water

Imagine living in a world where everyone has access to clean water, safe food, and a resilient community. That is what CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food, or CPWF, worked to accomplish. Launched in 2002, CPWF was a reform initiative of CGIAR, which is the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research. What Was CPWF? … Read more

How to Clean Grout Stains Easily in the Bathroom & Kitchen

cleaning grout in shower

Luckily, grout is relatively easy to clean. Just by using household products, cleaning supplies, and a bit of muscle, you’ll be able to restore your grout to the color at once was. In this article, we offer six different techniques for cleaning your grout. These techniques have different strengths, allowing you to find a solution … Read more

How to Tell If Water Is Drinkable in the Wild

Drinking water in the nature

Water, food, fire, and shelter are the cornerstones of any outdoor adventure. One quart of water weighs 2 pounds, which is a lot of extra weight to carry on a hiking trip or a wilderness excursion. It may be more convenient to find a source of potable water in the wild. There’s also the possibility … Read more

5 DIY Water Filters You Can Easily Make Today

boiling water in a pot

Water filters are excellent ways to ensure that yucky contaminates and harmful sediment have been expunged from your drinking water. And there are a ton of different options available for purchase ranging in price from economical to very expensive. But you don’t necessarily have to purchase a prefabricated water filter. You can build your water … Read more

How to Unclog Your Shower Drain – The Best Ways

shower drain - pixabay

We’ve all been there. You’re standing in the shower, rinsing off and relaxing. You start to feel something is amiss down by your feet. Or maybe it’s around your ankles? You look down to see that the water is pooling and starting to rise higher and higher. It’s a disappointing feeling—one you know won’t go … Read more

5 Different Types of Shower Drains

tiled shower with drain

While many people will mostly consider appearances while designing their shower, proper function is actually more important. Unless you want to be standing in dirty water that’s quickly accumulating with nowhere to escape, a drain is one of the most important components of your shower. But there are many different types of shower drain assemblies, … Read more

9 Types of Shower Doors and Their Differences


Whether you’re building a new custom shower or you’re just remodeling an existing one, one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the process is what type of shower door you’re going to install. The wrong choice here can ruin the overall look of your shower. However, the right shower door can truly enhance … Read more

How to Clean Your Shower Head – The Best Way

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Just like any plumbing fixture, your shower head will begin to lose performance over time. If you have excessive amounts of hard minerals in your water like 85% of homes in the United States, then you’ll also likely see some visible signs that it’s time to clean your shower head. Often, we don’t even notice … Read more

Indoor vs Outdoor Tankless Water Heater: Pros and Cons

electric water heater

Tankless water heaters are great for energy efficiency and “on-demand” hot water. But how do you know which is better: an indoor unit, or an outdoor one? Here we’ll give a basic breakdown of the pros and cons of both indoor and outdoor tankless water heaters, so you’ll know exactly which type can benefit you … Read more