Amazing PET Bottle Art

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Gulnur Bowl

There is no shortage of artists expressing themselves in new mediums. One such artist/designer, Gülnur Özdağlar, has achieved the extraordinary by transforming ordinary PET bottles into the delicate forms only found in nature.

Looking at her creations, one thinks of microorganisms, flowers, jellyfish, anemones. There is something very comforting in knowing that these objects, once considered trash, have found a new life as jewelry and pieces of art.

Maybe the most amazing thing is that these forms are created simply by applying heat to remold the plastic. Compare this image with microscopic diatoms and Ozdaglar’s art.

For more information, check out her blog and Etsy shop, here.

Gulnur earrings

Gulnur poppy necklace

Gulnur chandelier

Photo credit: Gulnur Ozdaglar, diatoms via UCBerkeley.