Water filtration
Filtered water from the tap.

We’re here to help you find clean, sustainable drinking water without using massive amounts of plastic and emitting CO2. We do this by spreading awareness, talking about and reviewing water filtration equipment, sustainable water bottle solutions, shower filters, and so on.

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is a world without plastic bottles. We want to educate every person in this world about tap water and water filtration equipment such as the LifeStraw, Reverse-Osmosis Systems, and the Brita water filter pitcher. We want to spread awareness about this massive issue the world is facing.

Our Team

David Stone

David Stone

David runs the TapIt Water blog. He first learned about water filtration and the impact it has on the world in college. Ever since that day he has worked towards making the world a better place. He writes to inform you about water filtration, the consequences of plastics, bottled water, and how we can do things better.

When he’s not writing, David loves to spend time with his beloved wife, 3 kids, and dog.

Sophie Archer

Sophie Archer

Sophie Archer grew up in Huntington Beach, California, where she learned to love the ocean and everything about water. After studying marine biology at UC-Santa Barbara, she embarked on a freelance writing career while living the expat life in South East Asia. Now a resident of Seattle, Washington, she loves writing about water conservation and how to maximize our most precious resource – water.

When she’s not writing, Sophie enjoys photography and foreign films.